Grace Kelly Had Three Other Wedding Dresses You Didn’t Know About

Grace Kelly Actually Had Three Other Wedding Dresses You Didn’t Know About

Grace Kelly Actually Had Three Other Wedding Dresses You Didn’t Know About.

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress is one of the most famous royal wedding dresses of all time next to Princess Diana’s.

So iconic was it that it is still influencing brides today, in fact her granddaughter Princess Charlotte of Monaco took inspiration from her for her own wedding day.

You’ll of course know that the dress which she wore for her nuptials with Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1956 was created by Academy Award-winning costume designer Helen Rose, who she had worked with on several films with MGM Studios, who paid for the dress as a wedding gift.

It took months to create thanks to all the intricate details which included thousands of hand-sewn pearls on the high-neck lace bodice, as well as a matching cap to hold the veil in place (Princess Grace chose not to wear a tiara).

The gown featured a full taffeta skirt and silk cummerbund, as well as a three-foot long train, and those were just the details you could see, underneath it all there were petticoats and slip skirts.

But while this dress got so much press, you might not realise that the royal had several other wedding dresses she changed into over the course of the wedding.

The day before the televised nuptials, she had another more tailored outfit for the civil ceremony (in France and Monaco, you can’t get married in church unless you’ve had a civil ceremony first).

Her look was also designed by Helen Rose, and consists of of a matching fitted jacket and flared skirt made of pink brocade, taffeta and French Alençon lace. She also wore gloves and a headpiece.

She then changed into the above floaty tea dress, for a press conference to accept congratulations for their wedding. That evening, she is said to have changed into a white silk Lanvin gown for a reception with her guests at the Monaco Royal Opera, though sadly we couldn’t find a picture of it.

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