Goody Grace – Nothing Good Ft. G-Eazy and Juicy J (download)

Goody Grace – Nothing Good Ft. G-Eazy and Juicy J (download)

Goody Grace – Nothing Good Ft. G-Eazy and Juicy J (download)

Here is Goody Grace – Nothing Good (download) Ft. G-Eazy and Juicy J. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the pop music act.

The singer tags Juicy and Eazy to deliver this sweet tune that has us on repeat since first listen.

This verse is like Vampire Diaries
The times that inspire these
Long nights in strangers’ houses, after party properties
Neighbors tryna call the cops but nobody is stoppin’ these
Took her to the bathroom to make out and then she drops the knees
Six shots and I’m havin’ sick thoughts
And the clock, tick tocks
Still I finally feel boxed in
Drugs in her Chanel, she puts her lip gloss
And the sun is comin’ up
Is this the sauce they gettin’ lost in?

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T-shirt on, with no make up on
I can’t make this up (No)
It’s a shot, to a whole bottle
We done popped a lot
I’m from the bottom
I feel like I’m not, when I’m gettin’ top
Switch position but, never let ’em trick you out your spot
You the best thing ever happened after two, I swear to God

– Juicy J

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Listen to the full song after the cut.

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