Duckwrth – SuperGood Album (download)

Duckwrth – SuperGood Album (download)

Duckwrth – SuperGood Album (download)

Here is Duckwrth – SuperGood album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the music act.

The album is a celebration of the Black music that made Duckwrth, is a celebration of life during an era where celebration feels damn near taboo. There’s a relentless joy to SuperGood, baked into tracks like “Too Bad,” which undulates forward while “Money Dance” jitters in all the right ways. SuperGood is poised to be the album of an unforgettable—for all the worst reasons—summer.

“Throughout the 2010s, it was banging, it was the Trap era. A lot of the tones of that whole decade were a bit darker. So I was just riding the wave, but now that COVID has happened and all the protesting — even though protesting has been going on for a long time — now that it’s happened and my album is coming out later this year, I feel like this album is a celebration of life, one, in general… but also, two, it’s an appreciation for Black music and Black rhythm.”

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[03:07] 01. New Love Song
[02:28] 02. Money Dance feat. Jean Deaux
[00:29] 03. Trickin’?
[02:43] 04. Quick feat. Kian
[03:13] 05. Too Bad
[03:14] 06. Kiss U Right Now
[03:26] 07. Coming Closer feat. Julia Romana & G.L.A.M.
[03:37] 08. Say What U Mean
[03:30] 09. Did U Notice? feat. Julia Romana
[00:22] 10. Jean’s Smoke Break
[03:38] 11. Super Bounce feat. EARTHGANG
[01:29] 12. Weekend?
[02:37] 13. Tuesday
[02:39] 14. World On Wheels feat. Kyle Dion
[03:29] 15. Super Good
[03:51] 16. Find A Way feat. Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee & BAYLI

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