Rod Wave PnB Rock Beef Escalates

Rod Wave PnB Rock Beef Heats Up

Rod Wave PnB Rock Beef Heats Up

Rod Wave PnB Rock Beef is getting intense as both rappers are going at each other. Rock recently slammed hip-hop’s new generation and Rod Wave did not take too kindly to his words.

Speaking on the new school of hip-hop music acts, PnB Rock says:

“All these lil n****as albums n tapes be sad asf lil like all these lil mfs depressed smh I can’t listen to this sh*t make me wanna go kill myself listenin to Dese sad ass Lil boys lol,” he penned. “Lol like even when I was down to my last… down N Out…I was happier den dat I went out and got it never was sittin round feelin sad and depressed… That’s for suckas new generation sh*t I guess.”

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Rod Wave took offense and has threatened PnB on a heated IG Live session. “You gon’ have to pay fifty-sixty thousand every time you come to Florida,” he warns. “I don’t care where the fuck you at. N***as gon hear about that.

I’m gon give a n***a ten thousand on Cashapp if they see you in a mall, one of those pussy-ass rental cars you be riding around. You like to come around and get on jetskis and shit? Stop playing.”

“You better get on this bitch and start talking with some sense,” he continues. “N***a, I’m from Florida, do you know what pressure mean? Do you know what pressure mean? I gotta make it back home to my kid. That’s pressure. You don’t want to feel no pressure. I don’t ever got to come to Philly, wherever you from. But you n***as love Florida. So you have to be mindful of what you go on the internet and say.”

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He proceeds to state that he’s open to talking or scrapping it out — either one — but maintains that words matter where he comes from. “You better be mindful,” he continues. “I’m going to make it rough.”

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#rodwave goes off on #pnbrock and says he’ll make it uncomfortable for him to come to Florida. 😳😳.

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