Kerry Katona Opened Up On Nearly Dying Three Times As A Result Of Taking Cocaine

Kerry Katona Has Opened Up On Nearly Dying Three Times As A Result Of Taking Cocaine

Kerry Katona Has Opened Up On Nearly Dying Three Times As A Result Of Taking Cocaine.

Kerry believes that she had angels looking after her and keeping her alive when she had taken so much cocaine that she had an epileptic fit, frothed at the mouth and her eyes rolled back in her head.

The mum-of-five said she would feel like she was coming back to the light and felt a surge of love, which has left her convinced that she had a guardian angel looking after her.

Kerry opened up on her near death experiences in her most recent column in new magazine.

The 39 year old wrote: “Sharon Stone has revealed she cheated death three times in her life as she was struck by lightning, suffered a near-fatal stroke and also cut her neck open on a washing line, which sounds horrendous.

“I’ve had near death experiences before when I was doing cocaine. I took so much of it that I’d have an epileptic fit and I’d start frothing at the mouth and my eyes would roll back.

“The only way I can describe coming out of it was like angels were bringing me back to life. I can still remember the feeling clearly – it felt like I was coming back to the light and I felt a huge surge of love.

“It’s happened to me about three times. There was definitely somebody above looking after me.”

It comes after Kerry opened up on the terrifying moment her six year old daughter Dylan-Jorge stopped breathing seconds after her birth.

Kerry welcomed six year old Dylan with late ex-husband George Kay in 2014 but nearly lost her just seconds after her birth.

Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry candidly opened up on the moment, which lead a crash team to rescue the newborn.

Speaking about the experience on her YouTube channel, Kerry said Dylan was “the best pregnancy I’ve ever had.”

She continued: “During labour, she shot out. And then I held her, I was like ‘something’s not right’ and then I gave her to George because I didn’t want the responsibility — and she was mine, it’s weird isn’t it?

“And George went: ‘She’s not breathing!’ Anyway, the woman pressed the button and a crash team came in.

“They took her to the side while I’ve got into shock and then they pressed it again. Then my placenta erupted inside.”

Kerry went on to explain how doctors performed emergency CPR on Dylan as they tried to save her life.

She added: “They put me in this recovery room because they had to operate on me. And George had to decide which way he was going to go.

“In his head, he was like: ‘I don’t know this baby so I want to stay with my wife.’ So he stayed with me — which I think messed his head up a little bit afterwards.

“He literally carried me in the operating room, kicked the door down and put me on the operating table.”

Kerry finally explained: “And then they put me on recovery and I could hear all these babies crying.

“The doctor came in and he goes: ‘Have you given her a name yet? You have to give her a name. I don’t think she’s going to make it through the night’.”

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