Middlesbrough Teamed Up With Gamstop To Help Stop People From Gambling

Middlesbrough Have Teamed Up With Gamstop To Help Stop People From Gambling

Middlesbrough Have Teamed Up With Gamstop To Help Stop People From Gambling.

A complete package that promotes a total self-exclusion for users has been created by the partnership between Middlesbrough FC and Gamstop.

A partnership with Gamstop was revealed by MFC, and it encompasses a self-reliant and free service that gives users an opportunity to unregister from sports betting accounts with no GAMSTOP and continue a life with a safer gaming way.

Gamstop is an organization whose duty is to offer a safe and modest general help for people who are willing to stay away from the world of gambling.

The new partnership with Middlesbrough FC entailed that all the online operators in Britain will have to register with Gamstop if they still want to retain their Gambling Commission license. This is the first time Gamstop will take hold of the whole of the British market.

Users of gambling websites who are registered with Gamstop have the option of staying off of all gambling sites for at least 6 months, a year or 5 years. They are not allowed to exempt themselves from the program until the expiration of their chosen self-isolation period. Please note that when the self-exclusion is requested and confirmed, the decision cannot be reversed by Gamstop. This means that the user will be unable to participate in any game until the chosen period of self-exclusion has come to an end.

They can contact the Gamstop contact centre at the end of their self-exclusion period and ask for the deactivation of the tool. They may choose to extend too if they want. Their registration will be rolled over automatically for up to 7 years if they fail to contact Gamstop at the end of their selected self-exclusion period.

The partnership of Gamstop with Middlesbrough FC (which may be referred to as Boro in this piece), is the most recent step taken by the latter to show its allegiance to secure gambling. Middlesbrough FC also holds the record of the first UK club to give maximum support to the Responsible Gambling Week. This latest collaboration will be about creating attention and awareness about the tool using the social media platforms and website of the club. This move is aimed at making sure that all those who might be interested in the tool will have an idea of where to get it.

Since the launch of the tool, Gamstop has experienced an influx of over 130,000 registered users who are willing to give it a try. The fact that Gamstop works hand in hand with gambling charities is worthy of note. Anybody who seeks help and reaches out to Gamstop by calling the helpline or via the website is directed to special advisors if the issues they have with gambling requires more help and support. The shirt of the club carries the name of 32Red, a gambling establishment that is among the firms which make up the Kindred Group.

Neil Banbury, the UK general manager said, “Football has a unique cut through with adult audiences, and partnerships like this between GAMSTOP and Middlesbrough are important.

By developing this relationship, it provides a great avenue to promote healthier gambling behaviour and advocating for control.”

Reacting to the partnership with Middlesbrough FC, the chief executive of GAMSTOP, Fiona Palmer said,

“Working with Middlesbrough will be a huge benefit in helping us to reach the consumers who most need to be aware of the GAMSTOP self-exclusion tool.

We are concerned that, at a time when so many people are being forced to stay at home during the coronavirus, vulnerable consumers might be tempted to spend excess on online gambling.

This partnership with Middlesbrough will educate more people about GAMSTOP’s important work and help to provide greater protection to consumers.”

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