James Rodriguez Frustrated At Real Madrid

James Is Frustrated At Real Madrid

James Is Frustrated At Real Madrid

Real Madrid player, James, was honest in a conversation with Daniel Habif. He still doesn’t understand why Zidane doesn’t have room for him in his plans. “It’s a question of taste…”. he said.

James still doesn’t know what will be of him next season. He has been linked with various teams, but Madrid still haven’t communicated anything to him about it, although he is clear that he will not play for Real Madrid again.

“I’d like to know where I’m going. It may be days or weeks before I know. I don’t know, really. I just want to go where I can play, be happy and feel loved”, he said in Daniel Habif’s podcast.

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Because James refuses to spend more time on the bench. “It’s frustrating not to play. I know I have the requirements to do it, but because of other people I can’t. If I was a bad player I would accept it, but I’m a person who wants to win and play all the time”.

He admitted that he would already like to have left Madrid. “I wanted to leave and the club wouldn’t let me. I wanted to go to a team where I could play. I knew I wouldn’t get a chance because Zidane already had his base. My wish was that Real Madrid would have the memory of my previous time there and not this…”, James lamented.

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James thinks that if he doesn’t play it’s because he’s not Zidane’s style. “They are tastes. He has his for some players and it is respectable. I don’t get involved. But when you see that you don’t have the same opportunities as your teammates, it’s difficult”.

And he didn’t hesitate in affirming that this season is, undoubtedly, one of the worst of his career: “It is one of the biggest disappointments of my life as a professional, but thank God I am young and have years ahead of me to be happy”.

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