Arthur Melo Tested Positive to COVID-19

Arthur Melo Tested Positive In A Breathalyser Test

Arthur Melo Has Tested Positive To coronavirus In A Breathalyser Test.

The Brazilian midfielder, who is moving from Barcelona to Juventus, was reported by local police in Palafrugell (Girona) after an accident involving his Ferrari in the early hours of Monday morning.

Arthur Melo, officially still a Barcelona player, but about to go to Juventus, was reported in the early hours of Monday morning by local police in Palafrugell in Girona, after testing positive for drink-driving. This is according to a report in the ‘Diari de Girona’. Another problem which will make his departure from Barca even worse.

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The Brazilian had to be tested after being involved in a minor traffic accident while driving his Ferrari. He was uninjured in the accident.

According to the newspaper, the incident took place at around 4am. His car hit the pavement and he ended crashing into a lamppost.

Neither Arthur nor those in the car with him were hurt and the vehicle was only slightly damaged. Nevertheless, after a police patrol arrived at the scene, they forced Arthur to undergo a breathalyser test after showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol. He has 0.55mg/l of alcohol in his blood when the limit is 0.5mg/l.

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Arthur has been in Barcelona and Catalonia for several days as he was there to end his contract at Barca and formally sign for Juventus.

He seems to have now completed his departure from the club although his behaviour means he could still be in trouble with the Spanish authorities.

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