Sports Star Got More Than He Bargained When David Beckham Joined Him On Late Show

James Corden Got More Than He Bargained For When David Beckham Joined Him On The Late Late Show

James Corden Got More Than He Bargained For When David Beckham Joined Him On The Late Late Show

In a sketch recorded before lockdown, the sports star, 45, forced the late night host, 42, to join him for a series of high intensity workouts, culminating in a bizarre boxing match.

First up was a spinning class, prompting Corden to moan that his guest was “obsessed” with indoor cycling.

“I feel like every time I talk to you, you’re either on your way to a spin class or you’ve just left a spin class,” he said, before joking that now that Beckham’s career on the pitch has come to an end, he could let his workout regime slide a little.

“You’re the owner of Inter Miami now, you don’t need to be doing all this exercise, you can just get fat,” Corden said, before suggesting that “the best anti-ageing technique in the world” is to “gain seven pounds a year,” quipping: “Look at me, I’m 42, I look 26.”

Despite his suggestion that the pair should “sack this off and go wine tasting,” they completed the exhausting “warm up” segment – before Corden swapped places with the instructor.

He then led the class in an intricate routine to the Spice Girls’ Wannabe, much to Beckham’s bemusement, although the former footballer was happy to join in with the chorus.

Corden then let the class stop pedalling completely, telling them that they were now freewheeling “down the hill.”

Next up was a trip to a boxing gym, where the duo completed some training drills before going head to head in a sparring match.

Once the workout was finished, Beckham and Corden then channelled Miami Vice in pristine white suits and 80s blonde wigs.

Last year, Beckham was memorably pranked by Corden during a Late Late Show appearance, with the TV star unveiling a fake state of the footballer ahead of the official reveal of his statue at LA Galaxy’s stadium.

Beckham was left horrified by the so-called likeness, telling the sculptor that it was “slightly different than it was when [he] saw it in Chicago” and describing it as similar to a Stretch Armstrong toy.

He added that the statue was “embarrassing” before Corden revealed that he had been tricked.

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