Six Nantes Players Tested Positive To COVID-19

Six Nantes Players Have Now Had Coronavirus

Six Nantes Players Have Now Had Coronavirus

Ligue 1 is due to start their new season on 21st August, but there is plenty of uncertainty. After the situation at Marseille, ‘L’Equipe’ says another Nantes player has the vitus.

‘L’Equipe’ has announced this Friday that another member of the Nantes team has tested positive for coronavirus which makes him the sixth player at the club to have the virus. Fresh coronavirus cases are hitting France and it is of great concern just a week away from the start of the new Ligue 1 season.

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The French league is due to start on 21st August with the match between Marseille and Saint Etienne. Andre Villas-Boas men had to suspend a friendly against Stuttgart after a detecting a case of coronavirus in their squad.

During pre-season, the French sides have been testing their footballers and workers several times a week to rapidly detect the cases of coronavirus and prevent it spreading. What is happening is that the isolation measures are not being as effective as they wanted them to be and the number of cases are multiplying although they are isolated cases.

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That is causing great concern for the LFP who ended last season early and now there is doubt over this campaign. If it continues to be isolated cases, they will be able to continue, but a large wave amongst one set of players could cause serious problems.

At the moment, the rules allow for the game to go ahead if there are at least 13 healthy players if there are people with COVID-19. Although individual cases continue at the likes of Marseille, Nantes and Nimes and concern remains.

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