Ava Max Speaks Out Amid Rumors

Ava Max Is Speaking Out Amid Rumors

Ava Max Is Speaking Out Amid Rumors

The 26-year-old “Sweet But Psycho” pop star responded to plastic surgery accusations that surfaced on social media on Friday (August 14).

“Hahaha, laughing so hard. People thinking I got nose surgery 🤣I won’t even go in to fix my deviated septum .. 😛 I’ve only been under once for my wisdom teeth being pulled out and even that I did only two of them cuz I’m a scared chicken to do all 4🤣🤣🤣,” Ava wrote in response to the rumors on Twitter.

You can pre-order Ava Max‘s upcoming Heaven & Hell off of iTunes.

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Ava recently shared a message about karma in this new video. Watch it right here on JustJared.com!

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