Kim Kardashian & Meek Mill Photo Proves She Wasn’t Cheating

Kim Kardashian & Meek Mill Photo Proves She Wasn't Cheating

Kim Kardashian & Meek Mill Photo Proves She Wasn't Cheating

The latest twist in the West tale is here as a Kim Kardashian & Meek Mill Photo may just buttress that her statement about Kanye’s recent rant session as an episode of his bipolar condition.

Kanye West may also have a lot of explaining to do and that is not just to his wife and family but to his fans, A newly-released photo shows how innocently Meek Mill and Kim were seated during their meeting at the Waldorf — which Kanye claims made him consider filing for divorce — Kanye has effectively been proven wrong, branded as “jealous” by some.

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As you surely know by now, Kanye West insinuated that Kim Kardashian had cheated on him with Meek Mill in a series of tweets the other day, citing their meeting in Los Angeles as the turning point for him. He says that Kim was “out of line” for linking up with Meek to discuss prison reform.

It was since revealed that another person was involved in their luncheon and, now, photos have been released showing just how innocent the meeting actually was. The photo in question shows Kim and Meek facing one another at the restaurant table, joined by philanthropist Clara Wu Tsai. They’ve got drinks and food on the table. As expected, there was no funny business detected.

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See the Kim Kardashian & Meek Mill Photo proof.


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