Kanye West Rants About Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Trying to Lock him up

Kanye West Rants About Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Trying to Lock him up

Kanye West claims his wife and mother in law want to lock him up. West has gone on on Twitter to tell of some form of domestic happenings in his life. With link to Michael Jackson’s music video for “Black or White” Ye has been tweeting and people are getting worried.

“Kriss don’t play with me you and that calmye are not allowed around my children Ya’ll tried to lock me up,” he tweeted. “Everybody knows the movie get out is about me. I put my life on the line for my children that North’s mother would never sell her sex rape. I put my life on my God that Norths mom would never photograph her doing playboy and that’s on God I’m at the ranch … come and get me. Drake. Come and get me … this is the exodus like Pusha said. On God. Shia is cap.”

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His stream of thoughts continued. “Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up with a doctor,” he wrote. “If I get locked up like Mandela Ya’ll will know why. Shia was deposed to do the first YZY GAP shoot and he never showed up. Anna Wintour always showed me love but when I told her I was going to GAP she looked at me like I was crazy Then she called back kissing my ass.”

“Kriss and Kim call me now,” he continued before sharing a screenshot of a text message to Kris Jenner when he wrote, “This Ye. You ready to talk now or are still avoiding my calls. West children will never do playboy west. I love my wife My family must live next to me It’s not up to E or NBC anymore. NBC locked up Bill Cosby. Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughters life yesterday. ” Pray for Kanye.

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