David Guetta / Morten – New Rave EP (download)

David Guetta / Morten – New Rave EP (download)
David Guetta / Morten – New Rave EP (download)
David Guetta / Morten – New Rave EP (download)
David Guetta / Morten – New Rave EP (download)

Here is David Guetta / Morten – New Rave EP (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new extended play project is the latest music effort by the electronic dance music acts. Guetta and Morten previously released their explosive remix for Avicii, “Heaven,” and their loud and gritty “Detroit 3 AM.”

The EP continues their signature sound that is influenced by techno, which is a little dark but with a huge sonic range. That sound is felt all throughout the EP like never before.

“A year ago I started to make music with my friend Morten,” says David Guetta. “I felt like there was a choice between underground which was cool but maybe more adapted to clubs rather than festivals, or edm that was still killing the dancefloor but was sounding the same for the last 4 years and was not satisfying anymore. We wanted to make music that would be sexy, have the cool factor of techno, the energy of EDM and why not the emotion of trance. We wanted to make quality dance music with zero compromise and give a lot of attention to finding new sonics. We wanted to make music people have never heard before. Almost one year later and many producers started to make music in the same style, our music is becoming a movement and djs call it future rave.“

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1. Kill Me Slow (3:28)
2. Nothing (3:04)
3. Bombardment (3:07)
4. Odyssey (2:32)

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