R. Kelly Won’t Get Plea Deal In Child Pornography Case

R. Kelly Won't Get Plea Deal In Child Pornography Case
R. Kelly Won’t Get Plea Deal In Child Pornography Case

R. Kelly won’t get plea deal as he is set to face his first federal trial for child pornography and is set to face a judge this coming October. A report from Bossip claims that Kelly’s team projects the trial to last three weeks, and seeing as no plea deals have been offered, he’ll be forced to take his chances in the courtroom.

Kelly, along with two of his codefendants Derrell McDavid and Milton Brown, is facing federal accusations of “conspiring to produce child pornography.” As per the report, this conspiracy has gone on for twenty-five years, the parties attempting to hide the evidence and cover their tracks.

It’s but one of many nefarious charges leveled at Kelly, whose predatory nature appears to know no bounds. Another charge accuses him of running a sex trafficking operation in New York City, preying on schoolgirls with alleged instances of drugging and kidnapping.

Bossip’s recently acquired court papers also confirm that the federal prosecutors are ready to present their evidence to Kelly’s defense team. Though the accusations and charges are severe, Kelly has remained adamant about his innocence.

While he awaits his upcoming trial, Kelly will remain jailed in Chicago; though he attempted to cite the coronavirus as a means to be released, the judge did not bite, labeling him a flight risk. Look for further developments on the trial of R. Kelly as they emerge.


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