Wiley – The Godfather 3 Album (download)

Wiley - The Godfather 3 (Album) download
Wiley – The Godfather 3 (Album) download

Here is Wiley – The Godfather 3 Album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the U.K rap music act.

The official release date changed many times prior to release, before finally settling on 5 June 2020. Originally, it was stated on an Instagram post that it would be released May 1st 2019. The tracklist also saw regular changes prior to release.He had also dubbed the project as Back To The Village but later went back on the title.

“Last year, I could have killed the game, the system didn’t let me / A&Rs and bosses wishing fans would just forget me,” he raps on Press Record, the maudlin final track. Instead of the global grandstanding of Boasty, this is, he intones gently, “that ‘Clear your head, sitting by the lake’ shit … that ‘In the end, no one is your mate’ shit.” His parting words are: “Baby, I ain’t got a clue where my life’s going.”

“I’m just trying to help,” he says. “Some of the stuff I do seems like nothing at the time, but then when a star comes from it you’ll realise. The people in the top of grime, they don’t even wanna be grime, do they? They wanna be hip-hop! So this is the perfect time to work with new MCs who love grime, because I’m on my way out.”

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