Video: Police open fire on people filming them from their porch In Minneapolis

Police seen open fire on people filming them from their porch

George Floyd: Police open fire on people filming them from theor porch In Minneapolis


A video has hit the web showing police open fire on people who filmed them during the recent curfew in following the riots after George Floyd’s tragic passing. The video reportedly taken from the Wittier neighborhood of Minneapolis on Saturday shows authorities shooting projectiles upon people filming them from a front porch.

The video posted on Twitter shows a Minnesota National Guard humvee rolling down residential streets, followed by a group of police

“Go inside. Get inside,” the police shouted.
“Get in your house now,” the police demanded as the video rolled.

At that point, things took a dark turn.
“Light ’em up,” one of the cops says, as the rest of the group pause and some pointed long-gun weapons at the people filming from their porch.
Multiple shots are then recorded on the video, along with muzzle blasts.

On Friday, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey imposed a curfew on the city, but his emergency order did not apply to citizens’ homes or front porches. There has been massive unrest following the death of George Floyd.

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