Billboard Replies 6ix9ine Accusations Of Manipulating Charts

Billboard on 6ix9ine Accusations Of Music Charts manipulation

Billboard Replies 6ix9ine Accusations Of Manipulating Charts

Billboard releases statement on 6ix9ine’s Accusations Of Manipulating Charts. With the ongoing debate of music charts manipulation among music fans and others since the uproar by 6ix9ine, many would be calmer now that the music charting company responded.

Ariana Grande called out the rapper advising him to be humble as Justin Bieber also reacted to the Dummy Boy rap act’s recent claims.

Billboard says that whatever chart 6ix9ine was referring to in his video isn’t verifiable.

“The chart forecast referenced was not created nor provided by Billboard to the industry,” they wrote in the article. “Those with access to sales, streaming and radio data from various sources often create their own chart models and update them at their own frequency. Billboard does not distribute any Hot 100 ranking forecast to labels, management or artists.

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They also wrote that the number listed on 6ix9ine’s “GOOBA” YouTube video shows global plays, while they only count U.S.-based plays. Billboard also addressed the “six credit cards” claim. “Billboard and Nielsen Music/MRC Data conducts audits on all sales reported with access to purchase-level detail, and works with data partners to recognize excessive bulk purchases and remove those units from the final sales total. All titles this week, as in every week, were put under the same scrutiny.

“Stuck With U” was available to purchase through the week as a digital download, as well as in various physical format/digital download combinations through Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s webstores. The sales spike is likely referring to sales on Thursday, May 14—the final day of the tracking week—when signed “Stuck With U” singles were put up for sale in Grande and Bieber’s webstores.

A signed single or album is an accepted form of sales available to any artist and has been noted repeatedly within Billboard chart stories when such items have impacted the Hot 100. 6ix9ine, meanwhile, released a non-signed CD single/digital download on the last day of the tracking week via his webstore.

As noted in this week’s story announcing the results on the latest Hot 100, “Stuck With U” sold 108,000 in the tracking week ending May 14 and “Gooba” sold 24,000, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data.

(Billboard has reached out to Fame House/Bravado, retailer and reporter of director-to-consumer sales, for further comment about the sales data provided for ‘Stuck With U.’)

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