21 Savage – Savage Mode 2 Album (download)

Download 21 Savage – Savage Mode 2 Album

21 Savage - Savage Mode 2 Album (download)

Here is 21 Savage – Savage Mode 2 (album download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the rap music act.

The inaugural Savage Mode arrived in 2016. Several months after dropping the project, 21 and Metro Boomin revealed that during their Savage Mode recording sessions, they’d captured an additional 20-30 songs, prompting fans to believe that those songs would appear on a follow-up project.

On Instagram live, Savage talked the about the project:

“Savage Mode 2 on the way, man. You know, I gotta perfect my shit. Shit takes time. I be putting a lot of hard work into my shit. I ain’t just about to drop anything,” he explained. “My shit gotta be hard so it’s gonna take me a little longer, you know what I’m sayin’?”

The Grammy-award winning rapper released a single “Immortal” back in October. The song was used for the latest Mortal Kombat video game.

The rap duo finally decidedto release the album after fans launched a petition (with over 15,000 signatures) urging them to release the album. Along with the trailer, the rapper and producer launched a new merchandise line, including a limited-edition behind-the-scenes coffee table book.

The project was announced with a trailer featuring narration from Morgan Freeman.

Over macabre imagery and in-studio shots of the pair, the actor intones, “‘Savage’ is defined as ‘fierce, beastly and untamed.’ ‘Mode’ is defined as ‘a way of operating or using the system.’ So to be in ‘savage mode’ is to go hard, not allowing anything to stop or deter you from your mission. Basically, this means when someone is in ‘savage mode,’ they’re not to be fucked with.”

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