The Magnetic Fields – Quickies Album (download)

Download The Magnetic Fields – Quickies Album

The Magnetic Fields - Quickies Album (download)

Here is The Magnetic Fields – Quickies (album download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the alternative music act.


  1. Castles of America
  2. The Biggest Tits in History
  3. The Day the Politicians Died
  4. Castle Down a Dirt Road
  5. Bathroom Quickie
  6. My Stupid Boyfriend
  7. Love Gone Wrong
  8. Favorite Bar
  9. Kill a Man a Week
  10. Kraftwerk in a Blackout
  11. When She Plays the Toy Piano
  12. Death Pact (Let’s Make a)
  13. I’ve Got a Date with Jesus
  14. Come, Life, Shaker Life!
  15. (I Want to Join a) Biker Gang
  16. Rock ‘n’ Roll Guy
  17. You’ve Got a Friend in Beelzebub
  18. Let’s Get Drunk (and Get Divorced)
  19. The Best Cup of Coffee in Tennessee
  20. When the Brat Upstairs Got a Drum Kit
  21. The Price You Pay
  22. The Boy in the Corner
  23. Song of the Ant
  24. I Wish I Had Fangs and a Tail
  25. Evil Rhythm
  26. She Says Hello
  27. The Little Robot Girl
  28. I Wish I Were a Prostitute Again
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