Video: Maryland police release footage of fatal police shooting

Maryland police footage of fatal police shooting (Video)

Maryland police release footage of fatal police shooting

A Video of Maryland police fatal police shooting has surfaced. The Maryland police released body camera footage of an officer fatally shooting a man who rushed toward him with a knife.

“Put the knife down!” Cohen, with his gun drawn, is heard screaming as the man runs toward him and then stops before backing away.
“Get on the ground! I don’t want to shoot you!” Cohen shouts just before the man starts running at him a second time.

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Moments later, the officer shoots the man in the chest. Five gunshots can be heard on the video which has vecome major news.

Authorities identified the man who was shot as Finan Berhe, 30, of White Oak.

The shooting happened Thursday in White Oak, just outside Washington.

Police said the knife Berhe was brandishing was recovered at the scene.

A neighbor of Berhe’s had called 911 to report that Berhe had thrown a rock at his window and had told him “to call the police,” The Washington Post reported.

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Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones said Cohen rendered first aid to Berhe, who died at the hospital, the paper reported.

Prosecutors from neighboring Howard County, under a standing agreement to review each other’s police shootings, are investigating, according to the paper. Berhe was black; the officer is white.

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