BROCKHAMPTON – Things Can’t Stay The Same (download)

Download BROCKHAMPTON – Things Can’t Stay The Same (song)

BROCKHAMPTON - Things Can't Stay The Same (mp3 download)

Here is BROCKHAMPTON – Things Can’t Stay The Same (download). The song has just been released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music act as they also deliver another track called N.S.T.

They don’t accept you, unless they get to dress you
Technically speaking is making me bitter
I’m too high to focus, and my weed got the liver
More committed like Simba
Send it straight to my liver
Send my name out in flames, and then it crash in the winter
I showed the boy and I checked out the same date
I signed in boy, and I logged out the same date
Oh, mmm, mmm, ayy
My OGs told me do it my way
Texas boys, everything inside waits
Might upload the whole tape to MySpace
I like the music blown up, that’s just my taste

Kevin Abstract

I gotta hit you for a mission and, yes, we outspeed
So many take the high road to let the pain seep
I need to learn a lot in life is a one-way-street
Yeah, the ghost where Waco is, only time for takeout
Not a lot of room in this world, so keep your gate up
I’ll meet you at the driveway, call Matt out
With the lights on, bright for real, drive back out
Yeah, jet-lag for pilots, only flyin’ to islands
Call them taxes filed, money gettin’ piled in
Green by the means, turn to envy by the thousand
Love to bring me down in the depths you would drown in

Matt Champion


Their last album, GingerGinger was released back in 2019.

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