Mac Miller – Key To The City

Mac Miller – Key To The City (song)

Mac Miller - Key To The City download

Here is Mac Miller – Key To The City song. The song has just been released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the late rapper which follows his K.I.D.S drop.

Yeah, cocaine mountains until I overdose (Overdose)
It’s me and this money, sittin’ alone, I know (I know)
It’s gettin’ harder to get along with my dad
I been feelin’ like he grew jealous of everything that I have, I swear (I swear)
They don’t teach you ’bout reality (No)
With a super model on the penthouse balcony (Yeah)
Me and my homies got a death wish (A death wish)
So, God, can you direct me to the exit please? (Woo)

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That pain is an illusion, but that fear is real
You either here to die or here to kill

Yeah, best believe in envy
Look outside my window and the evil gon’ tempt me, uh
A model bitch with double D’s and she pretty
‘Bout to cause a riot, who the fuck comin’ with me? (Yeah)

Yeah, yeah
Pittsburgh (Yeah,) live and die in my Pittsburgh (Yeah)
Everything became different when I gave my dad that Fisker (Skrr)
Young home owner, out of control, I don’t know sober (No)
Feel alone again, grab my phone and call hoes over (Please)
The next day I just forget her (Just forget her)
Unless that pussy somethin’ to remember (Keep it wetter)
I could live inside this chaos ’til forever (‘Til forever)
But the sooner I reach clarity the better (Woo)
Live inside of this jungle, watch me crumble under the pressure (Pressure)
Everyday is like, “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,” man, I’m fed up (Man, I’m fed up)
I pick my head up (Pick my head up,) and hold my feet down (Hold my feet down)
All my homies gon’ eat now (It’s time)

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