Key Glock – Nothing To Something + 2 Much (download)

Download Key Glock – Nothing To Something (song)

Key Glock - Nothing To Something (mp3 download)

Here is Key Glock – Nothing To Something + 2 Much download. The songs have just been released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new tracks are the latest record from the music act after dropping Yellow Tape in January.

Ever since a young’n, all I knew was get the money
Yea, I ran up my commas, I turned nothing into something
Get a big house for my momma and a fish tank with piranhas
On a PJ in pajamas, fell asleep, countin’ too much money

– Nothing To Something

Imma killah, nigga, you a peasant (a peasant)
If you think this shit is sweet, come and test me (come and test me)
Yea, you know since sixteen, i been reckless, ya (i’ve been reckless)
White gold, white hoes, ey, i’m fantastic (i’m fantastic)
Livin’ lavish (yah), on dat bitch (on dat bitch, mayne)
I’m so rich (i’m so rich, mayne), i’m so lit, ye (i’m so lit, mayne)
Uh, Glock, what you doin’, i’m doin’ this shit (i’m doin’ this shit, mayne)

– 2 Much

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