Drake – Plug (New Song)

Drake’s new song, Plug leaks online.

Drake - Plug (New Song)

Drake new song, Plug lands on the internet and fans have mixed feelings. The track is a unreleased throwaway by Drake produced by Mexikodro; it marks the first time the two have collaborated. The song finds Drake referencing his robbery, his mentor Lil Wayne, Static Major, listening to Tha Carter III with Kobe Bryant and close affiliate Future’s Freebandz Gang.

Went and got a chain for me, I had to give it up (Yeah)
Niggas had they pistols loaded pointed at my truck, ayy
And you know that lesson stuck (Right)
From that day I never touched the road without a (Plug)
Ayy, from that day I never saw the point in talkin’ tough (Nah)
Hasn’t happened since, I guess you niggas know what’s up (Yup)
Yeah, haven’t seen the 6ix in like a month (6ix)

The Drake plug song was recorded in Miami in December 2017 during sessions for ScorpionScorpion. It appears to have remained unfinished, however, with an instrumental change towards the back end of the track that has no vocals.

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