Trouble x Quavo – Popped [Download]

Trouble x Quavo – Popped [mp3 download]

Trouble x Quavo - Popped [mp3 download]

Trouble tags Quavo on Popped download. The song is the latest from the rapper as he follows up ” She’s A Winner” and “It Ain’t My Fault.”

Troub sems to be leaving the darker sonic aesthetic behind, instead opting to tap into his inner hitmaker. Over a playful instrumental from C4Bombs, Trouble switches things up with a quickened pace, showcasing versatility in both cadence and flow.

“My bitch was in Dallas no Mavericks, shot that shit up, I got at it,” he raps. “Knew the lil boy didn’t want static, now that big homie cooked on a platter.”

Know how I feel, like “Ooh-ooh” (Feel)
I can stand on a mill, like “Ooh-ooh” (Mill)
In love with the strips, they blue (Strips)
Came from the fishscale (Fishscale)
Now I’m a big playa (Playa)
We sneakin’ it in, call it Squeeze-a-bell (Squeeze)
Once we get in, we call it a easy lay-up (Lay-up)
Drip like me after you seen the moves (Drip like me)
Can’t pop it like me, I done peeped ya moves (Pop like me)

– Quavo

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Listen and download below.


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