Overcoats – The Fight (Album Download)

Overcoats – The Fight (Album Download)

Overcoats – The Fight (Album Download)

Overcoats has released a new album titled “The Fight.” Available for download and streaming, the new project holds 10 songs. The alternative music act is ready to make a new push towards a whole new foray of topics.

The Fight is the Push: As New York-natives Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell wrapped up touring behind their critically acclaimed 2017 debut YOUNG, it seemed as though the world was collapsing around them. There was no choice but to fight. “We lost friends to addiction and to gun violence, we were battling an extremely tough political climate, and feeling the weight of existential loneliness,” admits Hana, “We had to learn how to take care of ourselves and each other in a different way.” “There was a realization that we couldn’t wait for life to get easier,” adds JJ. “The idea you have to fight for who you are, what you want, and what you hope to see in the world became poignant for us. We realized the thing to do is not to wait for life to get easier, but to start fighting harder.”

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01. I’ll Be There (3:08)
02. Fire & Fury (3:45)
03. The Fool (3:09)
04. YJSTS (3:31)
05. Apathetic Boys (3:12)
06. Leave If You Wanna (3:47)
07. Keep The Faith (3:30)
08. Drift (3:53)
09. The Fight (4:15)
10. New Shoes (3:18)

Listen to Overcoats – The Fight (Album Download) below.

Download Overcoats – The Fight (Album)

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