Video of 6yr old handcuffed By police in Orlando released

Video of 6yr old handcuffed By police in Orlando released

6yr old handcuffed By police in Orlando video

Body camera video released this week shows Orlando police officers arresting a 6-year-old, restraining her hands behind her back, at her school as she cries to be let go.
The news is that Officer Dennis Turner arrested Kaia Rolle, a first-grader, on a battery charge in September after her grandmother Meralyn Kirkland said she threw a tantrum at Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy in Orlando. The treatment of the girl drew widespread criticism, the Orlando Police Department apologized, and Turner was fired days later.

Watch Video 6yr old handcuffed orlando Florida by police.

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I first told you all about this case months ago, but we are just now seeing the body camera footage for the very first time. SHE IS SIX YEARS OLD and has been handcuffed, put into a police car, and taken to jail. LISTEN TO ME: EVERYBODY failed this baby. The teachers and staff that sat by and allowed it to happen. The police officer. Everybody. FUCK THEM. They traumatized this baby after she misbehaved at school. And we can’t blame this shit on the white man. The whole school staff was Black and the cop was a man of color as well. My people. My people. I could say so much more, but in the meantime, please follow @grassrootslaw. I am building a team to help us in ALL of these moments. Just wait. Folk are going to wish they never crossed us again.

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