Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me [Download]

Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me [MP3 Download]

Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me [MP3 Download]

Greyson Chance releases a new single titled “Dancing Next To Me.” Available for download and streaming, Chance also delivers the official music video to the record which finds the singer and a would-be lover mingling on and off a dance floor.

“I had been with somebody and really felt this connection to them. I was growing into feeling comfortable with being vulnerable around this person and then eventually being intimate with them and thinking that there was really something truthful there and something beautiful,” the 22-year-old tells PEOPLE. “And then having this feeling of betrayal in the morning when the sun rose and the person left.”

Chance is a prodigy who first hit viral fame in 2010 thanks to a Lady Gaga piano cover and a signal boost from Ellen DeGeneres — this will come as a wonderful surprise.

Slow down,” those aren’t the words that I wanted
From your mouth
From your lips that I just kissed
One more shot, but I need to
One last touch, and I want you
You were there, you were there
You were dancing next to me

Peep the visuals to the song and download the song after the clip.

Download Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me

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