flora cash – Honey Go Home [Download]

flora cash – Honey Go Home [MP3 Download]

flora cash – Honey Go Home [MP3 Download]

flora cash shares a new song called “Honey Go Home.” Available for download and streaming, the new track is an awesome record from first listen and is slated to be on their forthcoming sophomore studio album Baby, It’s Okay. The Swedish-American indie pop music act also released the official music video to the song which you can watch below.

In the animated visual, Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall trade verses as they wade through an increasingly toxic, codependent relationship, from which neither can seem to escape.

“The song and the video represent different experiences we’ve had in relationships — ours with each other, as well as previous relationships we’ve been in,” the pair tells Billboard, “Where each person kind of enables the bad habits of the other, but is also desperately trying to help their partner change those habits.”

They add, “Ultimately, the song is about two people who can’t let what seems to be an unhealthy relationship die, because they’ve created unhealthy dependencies and have shared so much of themselves with each other. There is genuine love beneath the surface, but it’s hard to manifest that love in a healthy way. It’s a scenario we’ve both experienced.”

Listen to flora cash – Honey Go Home [Download] below.

Download flora cash – Honey Go Home

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