All Time Low – Some Kind Of Disaster (New Song/Music Video) [Download]

All Time Low – Some Kind Of Disaster [MP3 Download]

All Time Low – Some Kind Of Disaster [MP3 Download]

All Time Low land kn our platform with a new song called “Some Kind Of Disaster.” The new track arrives with with its official music video. After teasing the track, the alternative music band boy band finally give music fans the whole package.

With blacked-out profile pictures for the band account and each member, they first shared a video of the “Birthday” music video panda setting fire to a Last Young Renegade jacket, suggesting the end of their most recent era started in 2017.
“I think in the summer… there’s going to be a nice window of time for all four of us get together, get in a room and start looking at the demos I’ve written, and breaking those down.
“Also, just start writing as the four of us again, and figuring out what the next version of All Time Low is going to sound like, which is super-exciting right now.

Coming off the tail-end of Last Young Renegade, which was a little pocket universe of a record for us, I think it will be really cool to break out of that and kinda get back into what makes All Time Low, All Time Low, and figuring out what that is in 2019/2020.”

Peep the visuals for Some Kind Of Disaster below and download the song after the clip.

Download All Time Low – Some Kind Of Disaster

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