Jhené Aiko – Chilombo (Album Download)

Jhené Aiko – Chilombo (Album Download)

Jhené Aiko - Chilombo (Album Download)

Jhene Aiko is here with her new album Chilombo. Titled after her last name (her full name is Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo), Aiko is set to release her album which is a follow up to her last album, Trip, released in 2017. Since the release, Aiko has released several singles, including “Triggered” and “None Of Your Concern” featuring Big Sean.

An Instagram story she posted breaks down the word into sections:
“[Chi] is life force.
[L] is for Love. Love is Living On Valued Energy. Taking care of the future by being fully present in. this. moment.
[Om] is the sound of the universe. The solution is sound.
[b] represents the leg and the foot… foundation. B is for base; basics, beginnings
[O] is eternity, infinite, wholeness… totality, perfection”

She dropped her most recent single off the album titled amd stylized as P*$$y Fairy OTW. The track also came through with a music video after a tease cia her YouTube channel showing off the choreography for the visuals.

Her process of making such soulful music is as natural and organic as her beauty. “Most of my songs are freestyles. They start off with me either having something in my head and I’ll sit down with my keyboard player or [producers] Fisticuffs… I’ll tell [them], ‘I have these melodies, just give me a metronome’ and we’ll build music around what I did.”

1.Lotus Jhené Aiko 1:12
2.Triggered (freestyle)
3.None of Your Concern (feat. Big Sean)
5.B.S. (feat. H.E.R.)
6.P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)
7.Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.) [feat. Future & Miguel]
8.One Way St. (feat. Ab-Soul)
9.Define Me
10.Surrender (feat. Dr. Chill)
11.Tryna Smoke
12.Born Tired
14.10k Hours (feat. Nas)
15.Summer 2020
16.Mourning Doves
17.Pray for You
18.Lightning & Thunder (feat. John Legend)
19.Magic Hour
20.Party for Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

Stream and download Jhené Aiko Chilombo Album below.


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