Silverstein – Infinite (New Song/Video) [Download]

Silverstein – Infinite (New Song/Video) [Download]

Silverstein – Infinite [Download]

Silverstein release a new song and video titled ‘Infinite.’ Available for download and streaming, the new rock song comes from the Silverstein’s forthcoming ninth studio album “A Beautiful Place To Drown,” which is set to be released on March 6th and is part of the band’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Paul Marc Rousseau had this to say, “The best way to honour the anniversary is to keep doing what got us this far. Being adventurous has always been part of what the band does – we keep focusing on moving forward.”

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Shane Told added, “It’s harder to gauge success these days but we’re still making what we believe is our best music. It’s nice to know that we’ve survived and we did it in a way that feels right.”

I gotta find some way relate
I drew a line just so
I could see straight
Erase every lie and half truth
Anything I have to
My mind’s running away a mile a minute can’t shake it off
Six feet down buried in my own thoughts
How can I be an optimist when all this feels

Watch the music video for Infinite below and download the song after the clip.

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Download Silverstein – Infinite

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