Power Season 6 Episode 11: Still Dre

Power Season 6 Episode 11: Still Dre

Power Season 6 Episode 11: Still Dre (Showing Times)

Power is finally back on Tv returning with the final leg of its story on Sunday, January 5, 2020, and fans are ecstatic to find out who shot Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and if he died after falling off the ledge at Truth. From the promotions for Season 6B, it has become evident that the Starz show will address these things right away.In an interview with Deadline, Power director Courtney Kemp said:

“The last season asks a specific question with the first ten episodes, and answers it with the last five.” Then, in an interview with the same website following the midseason finale, she confirmed that this question would be “who shot Ghost?” In the final five episodes, we will get an answer to this question, with Kemp teasing: “All the clues are there. Honestly, I feel as though I’ve just served you a delicious mystery, now time to figure out whodunnit.”


When asked by Entertainment Weekly what fans can expect from these episodes, Kemp said: “It is a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a new way of telling story for us, and it’s going to push the audience to look at the show in a different way. It’s not the same old Power as you’ve seen it. It will feel different.”

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