Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm (Download)

Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm (MP3 Download)

Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm (MP3 Download)

Taylor Swift just released a new sing titled “Christmas Tree Farm.” In the spirit of Christmas tidings and Thanksgiving, Swift has given music fans a surprise song today. Available for download and streaming, the track also arrives with a music video.

“I really love Christmas, I wish it was all year round, just like for the feeling that everybody has,” she added. “Everybody’s buying gifts for each other and there’s sort of a feeling about it. But I think that the fact that I love it so much is probably because I grew up on a Christmas tree farm.”
The song

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In the clip, we can see a young Taylor Swift in the glow of Xmas tree lights, sitting on Santa’s lap, playing in the snow and unwrapping a guitar. The uptempo, nearly four-minute song features footage back to 1989, the year she was born on Dec. 13.

The romantic, nostalgic single is an appropriate homage for Swift, who was raised on an actual Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania.

Peep the visuals below.

Download Taylor Swift – Christmas Tree Farm

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