Eric Holder,Nipsey Hussle’s Killer’s Dad Has Reportedly Been Killed

Nipsey Hussle’s killer’s Dad Has Been Killed

News has surfaced and its a reportedly sad ine as tge word out is that the father of man who was said to have killed rapper Nipsey Hussle, has been killed. Eric’s father was murdered in Los Angeles. According to multiple social media reports – Eric’s father was reportedly killed.

Eric Holder murdered Nipsey back in March and since then has had 4 close family members murdered by the rolling 60 crip gang which Nipsey was apart of.

Eric’s father is not believed to have had anything to do with the rapper’s killing and it’s not clear whether the father’s alleged killing was in retaliation for Nipsey’s murder.

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One day after Nipsey’s killing, two men believed to be cousins of Eric Holder, were shot and killed in South Central. Neither of those men were suspected of having anything to do with Nipsey’s murder either.

And about a month after Nipsey’s death, a man believed to be one of Eric’s half-brother’s was found mysteriously dead inside his home. Police called that death a suicide. Like the other 3 killed, Eric’s brother is not suspected to be involved in Nipsey’s killing.

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