Power Season 6 Episode 10 (Video) – No One Can Stop Me

Power Season 6 Episode 10 - No One Can Stop Me

Power Season 6 Episode 10 – No One Can Stop Me

Ghost’s whole life is connected to so many people and so many people are gunning for him. Most are loved ones who have shared memorable pasts. Available for download and streaming, the latest episode shows that James is in for a whole lot of drama and possibly his end.

In Power season 6 episode 10 download, there is certainly no love lost between him and Tommy Egan, and they have both threatened to kill each other in the past. In episode 9 we saw Tommy is still mourning the death of LaKeisha (La La Anthony). Even though Ghost swore that he did not kill Keisha, Tommy seems unconvinced.

Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) wants Ghost dead. He is particularly unhappy with him for hurting his mother. He has also made it explicitly clear Ghost may have given him life, but he has never been his father, and hearing it out loud seems to have made Ghost too, chippy about not caring for his son anymore.

Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) is also planning Ghost’s murder, with him telling Saxe (Shane Johnson) in the previous episode, “We both want him off the streets.

In episode 7 with the title saying Like Father Like Son is it possible that Tariq becomes the new Ghost?

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