Kevin Hart Shares Video of His Physical Therapy, He Is Thankful To still Be Alive

Kevin Hart Shares Video of His Physical Therapy, He Is Thankful To still Be Alive

Kevin Hart Is Thankful To still Be Alive, Shares videos of his recovery

Kevin Hart is finally speaking out and letting his beloved fans a peek into his recovery for the first time since sustaining a serious back injury in his L.A. car crash.

The actor who underwent back surgery after the early September crash holds little back in a video posted Tuesday night. He shows scenes of himself in a hospital bed, being assited by nurses and using a walker just to stand up.

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In the video, Kevin slowly regains his strength … revealing his intensive physical therapy routine … with everything from weight training to pool workouts.

Kevin also talks throughout the video … sharing a powerful message of determination. He states he believes the accident was God’s way of telling him to slow down, and appreciate life for what it really is.

He also takes the time to thank his family, friends and those who have stood by him through it all … saying, “My appreciation for life is through the roof,” and, “Don’t take today for granted, because tomorrow is not promised.”
The video concludes with a scene of Kevin chatting with one of his doctor’s who tells him it’ll be about a year for full recovery, but judging by what Kevin’s done already … it seems he’s well on his way.

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Watch below.

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