Ghetto Sage – Häagen Dazs (feat. Noname, Saba & Smino) [Download]

Ghetto Sage – Häagen Dazs (feat. Noname, Saba & Smino) [Download]

Ghetto Sage – Häagen Dazs (feat. Noname, Saba & Smino) [MP3 Download]

Ghetto Sage delivers a new single titled “Häagen Dazs” featuring Noname, Saba & Smino. All 3 rap acts deliver smooth vars on this minimalistic instrumental. Noname, Saba, and Smino have formed a new group called Ghetto Sage. Their debut song is out now.

They ain’t never seen some nice kicks, I don’t know what you mean but I like those
Rap game star pupil, I wrote this shit with my eyes closed
Shawty say she workin’ onto my tape shift, call it tie boat
Raise my shit, got range, I write with a rifle
Rightfully keep LED like a light-show
I prefer the North side, do it for the North side

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Fake clout, got they hand out, nigga lookin’ like a masseuse
I’m really ten toes down, yeah, it look like I’m in boots
One hand on the wheel, but I whip it, it feel like a ten to two (Ah)
They killin’ for tennis shoes
But the people dyin out here for less though (For less)
Meanwhile them same shoes that the clubs said ain’t the dress code (Ayy)

When a girl got tipsy I went to Ben and Jerry
Got my berry on
Whole world steady crashin’ and burnin’
Niggas just carry on, carry on
Cry cry, cry, get right back to the money
Then carry on, cry cry, cry, hop right back in the pussy
– Noname

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Listen and download below.

Download Ghetto Sage – Häagen Dazs (feat. Noname, Saba & Smino)

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