ARTY – Daydreams (ft. Cimo Fränkel) [Download]

ARTY – Daydreams (ft. Cimo Fränkel) [Download]

ARTY – Daydreams (ft. Cimo Fränkel) [Mp3 Download]

ARTY release a new song calles Daydreams which features Cimo Fränkel. Available for download and streaming. This is a return to Armada by ARTY. As explained by ARTY himself – and reflected by the uplifting instrumental and strong lyrics – ‘Daydreams’ is about the inescapable hard times when we lose the desire to live and struggle to enjoy the little things that made us happy before.

Then a person shows up in your life that changes everything, showing you the path you want, and that there’s still a light, so you should never stop dreaming.

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About the collaboration process, ARTY says:“Cimo and Rik sent me the demo of the song last year and I fell in love with it. We spent a lot of time going back and forth with different ideas for lyrics and melodies and finally found the sweet spot where the song feels euphoric but still keeps its organic beauty. Cimo and Rik are extremely gifted songwriters and I’m beyond grateful to be able to work with them on this song and many other songs we’re working on together right now.”

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“The process of making this song was unlike other sessions”, Cimo Fränkel adds. “ARTY and I are both perfectionists and wanted the initial acoustic and heartfelt emotion of the song to stand out in the final mix.”

Listen and download this EDM Daydreams below.

Download ARTY – Daydreams (ft. Cimo Fränkel)

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