Power Season 6 Episode 6: Inside Man (Video)

Power Season 6 Episode 6: Inside Man (Video)

The latest episode of Starz TV series Power season 6 has all parties in a twist. After being duped by Tariq, Vincent holds Tariq hostage; Ghost and Tommy call a temporary truce in order to face a common enemy; Tasha puts her differences to the side and turns to an unlikely ally for help.

It turns out that the whole hostage thing was his idea, as we learn when Vincent tells him, “You’re were right, kid: As long as Ghost and Tommy think you’re in danger, they’ll do anything to cover what you owe me.” Oh, and he also reminds the mob boss that once Vincent breaks even, they’re splitting everything 50/50. The stones on this kid! Joke’s on him, though: As Vincent confides in his driver, he’s planning on killing Ghost, Tommy and Tariq once the $2 million is delivered.

After Vincent visits Tasha to make sure she’s putting the squeeze on Ghost and Tommy, she storms into Tommy’s apartment and wonders why no one bothered to tell her that her son was in mortal danger.

When she finds out what’s on the docket, she turns to Ghost and incredulously asks, “So you’re saying you’re back in the game?” She assumes that they’ll want her to clean the money through the daycare, but LaKeisha says she’s got it taken care of. And when Keisha balks at that, Tommy overrules her and makes her agree to show Tasha her accounting, at least.

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