Download MP3: James Arthur – Finally Feel Good

James Arthur – Finally Feel Good (mp3 download)

James Arthur drops his new song called “Finally Feel Good.” Available for download and streaming, is his latest single following his more recent interview.

James Arthur switched up his sound because he got tired of doing ballads. The 31-year-old singer rose to fame on ‘The X Factor’ in 2012 and is known for slow tempo hits such as ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’, ‘Impossible’ and ‘Naked’, but he has admitted that’s “not [him] at all” as he is more of a hip-hop lover, which is why he teamed up with rapper Ty Dolla $ign on new single ‘Treehouse’.

“I’ve been in the album-making process and the stuff that was mixed and mastered was that radio friendly [sound].

“It’s nice now that I’ve finished this particular project because there’s so much to choose from.
“I can show a bit more diversity. My hardcore fans know I’m a huge hip-hop fan and that’s where my heart is.”

James insisted that he felt last year’s single ‘Falling Like Stars’ was more of a “risk” than ‘Treehouse‘ is and admitted that he doesn’t really care if the song is a hit.

I was gettin’ closer
But I was gettin’ in my way
We’re only gettin’ older
I keep on making the same mistakes
Self-inflicted torture, it no longer gets me high
And finally I want to follow my own lullaby

Listen and download his latest song Finally feel Good below.

Download James Arthur – Finally Feel Good

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