My Relationship with Camila Cabello Is ‘Definitely Not a Publicity Stunt’ – Shawn Mendes

My Relationship with Camila Cabello Is 'Definitely Not a Publicity Stunt'  - Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have become one of the most talked-about young couples around with their every move being scrutinized by fans and the media. They’re walking around holding hands, steaming up the stage at the VMAs with “Señorita,” and making fun of the people making fun of the way they kiss with an Instagram video.

Mendes recently spoke to paparazzi about his girlfriend as he walked through the terminal. (Honestly, he’s so nice about being pestered that we love him even more now.) The reporter asks Mendes about the rumors that his and Cabello’s relationship is fake—and he replies that it’s “definitely not a publicity stunt.”

Shawn Mendes also confirmed another relationship milestone when he says, “Camila’s parents? I’ve known them for a long time.” However, he remains silent when asked if the two are exchanging “I love yous.”

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