Lady Gaga – I Wanna Be With You

Lady Gaga – I Wanna Be With You

Lady Gaga finally returns to the music scenes with a new song titled “I Wanna Be With You.” The track is from her ARTPOP. Gaga wrote and recorded the track before it was changed into the album version we are familiar with title “Dope.” It features a similar cord progression, but with lighter production and lyrical meaning.

“I Wanna Be With You” didn’t surface completely out of nowhere. Gaga sang an acoustic version at an iTunes Festival way back when, telling Little Monsters it was an ode to her fans and about how much she had missed them while recovering from hip surgery. There’s even a “Born This Way” nod in the lyrics.

Gaga ultimately re-wrote and re-named it because she wanted something more autobiographical. She later described “Dope” as one of the most personal songs she’s ever written.

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