Download Album: SAÏK – Magma

SAÏK – Magma album download

SAÏK – Magma album download

SAÏK drops his new album, Magma. Available for download and streaming, SAÏK lists a 22-tracks music project. The rapper features Young Thug, Laioung, Jocelyne Beroard, Phyllisia Ross and Gatodabato. Saïk announcesd the end of 2017, the imminent release of a new album Magma for 2018 without specifying neither the date nor the tracklist. The album is highly anticipated by his fans, 4 years after his last album.

In January 2018, Saïk tease a collaboration with rapper Haitian Gato Da Bato approved many times. by French rapper Booba on his Instagram page. The single named Timalerie comes out on February 2 on all streaming platforms and the clip posted online February 16, 2018 totaled 2 million views in July 2019. Subsequently, the hype of Saïk is somewhat down with a series of clip who did not have the expected success.

On May 21, 2007 , Saïk released his first album Face Reality at the label Don S Music Entertainment , a record that he presents himself as “a global denunciation of the system of Babylon . ” The first songs broadcast on the airwaves are Rich é pov and Oblige nou bun , then We no care in duet with Nicky B, Pon èd , On sèl doktrin , and Reggae music . In 2008, he sends the radios his title with Methi’S An ba solèy and publishes the mixtape Tireur D’Elite with Génésiz. Faced with reality allows Saïk to perform on many scenes and to do the first part of the concert of Mavado May 12, 2009 Cabaret Sauvage.

01. Ça va chier (Intro)
02. Don’t Know Me
03. Sativa
04. Timalerie
05. Muda
06. Sherif
07. Dream Come True
08. Chak fwa
09. Ayayay
10. Toute ma vie
11. Red Bull
12. Ciao
13. Miel
14. Pananam
15. Repeat and Pause
16. Mañana
17. Magma
18. Rude Boy
19. Miss U
20. On the Road
21. KSL (Bonus track)
22. Team Work (Bonus Track)

Listen and download below.


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