Download MP3: Fat Nick – PocketRocket Ft. Famous Dex

Fat Nick - PocketRocket Ft. Famous Dex

Fat Nick - PocketRocket Ft. Famous Dex

Fat Nick drops new song PocketRocket featuring Famous Dex. Their new song is a hard-hitting banger and the two rappers vibe mesh well together on wax. Flexatelli handles the maniacal, hard-hitting production on the track while Fat Nick and Famous Dex deliver rowdy energy to the mix. Fat Nick kicks things off and handles the hook before Famous Dex comes through and turns the energy up on the song to another level.

Posted on the block, got my pistol tucked
Hit the corner store, I think I need more blunts
Big diamonds, different colours, bitch I smoke runts
Who want smoke? Hol’ up, ‘migo grab that [?]
I got big money dancing, what that wrist do
Baby yeah, you fucking, how about your sis, boo
Three chains, two cribs and a new tooth
All this ice around my neck feel like a swimming pool
I’m so twisted I can’t feel my face, I’m fucked up
See this bump burnin’, yeah, I need more stuff

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– Fat Nick

Listen below.

DOWNLOAD Fat Nick – PocketRocket Ft. Famous Dex

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