Download Album: half alive – Now, Not Yet

half alive – Now, Not Yet (Album)

half alive – Now, Not Yet (Album)

Indie Pop trio half alive have just released their debut album Now, Not Yet. Available for download and streaming, the music project lists 12 tracks with guest features Kimbra and Samm Henshaw.

“Our goal is to make music flexible enough to change as we change, so we’re not stuck playing songs that were only meant for one season of our lives,” exclaims Josh. “Sigmund Freud theorized that the ‘Super Ego’ and ‘ID’ sat on opposite ends of the spectrum, with the ‘Ego’ landing in the center.

Carl Jung proposed a similar theory of shadow self—the things that we don’t wish to acknowledge within us are competing against the things we love about ourselves. Both agree on a beautiful expression of tension that we go through. It’s a pull between light
and shadow, spirit and flesh. One brings us into life and another leads into death, leaving us in a state of being half alive.”
“Aesthetically, we will change,” adds Brett. “How we write songs will change. The message will always be there though. It’s how we relate to people.”

1. ok ok?
3. Maybe
4. the notion
5. still feel.
6. TrusT
7. arrow
8. Pure Gold
9. ice cold. (feat. Kimbra)
10. Rest (feat. Samm Henshaw)
12. creature

Listen and download below.

DOWNLOAD half alive – Now, Not Yet

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