Video: Logic & Gucci Mane – ICY

Logic & Gucci Mane - ICY (Video)

Logic & Gucci Mane - ICY (Video)

Logic & Gucci Mane drop off the ICY (Video). This latest video shows off both rappers flexing their wealth and getting as the name of the song suggests, icy. It’s not your typical Logic song as the braggadocious lyrics go against the positive message he had been hitting people with for years.

The video opens with a poorly-animated rendition of Logic on the phone with a Kangol-clad label exec, who tells him that he has to reinvent his image to help sell more records. From there, the real Logic goes on getting fitted for some grillz before donning a mink coat and heading shopping for watches, chains, and jewelry. Gucci makes an appearance as professor of “Icy Class 101,” where he teaches a room full of young rappers how to dress.

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Icy” follows Logic’s humorous video for “Homicide,” which featured comedian Chris D’Elia and “Squints” from The Sandlot served as stunt doubles for Eminem and Logic respectively; Eminem also made a meta cameo with an impersonation of D’Elia’s Slim Shady impression.

Peep the visuals blow.

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