City Girls’ Yung Miami Shot At While In The Car (Video)

City Girls' Yung Miami Shot At While In The Car (Video)

Video of Yung Miami Benz Truck shot up and her pleading to Police

City Girls’ Yung Miami was leaving her music session at the world famous Circle House studios. It has been confirmed that Yung Miami’s red Mercedes Benz truck was shot up while she was in it.

Some people confirm seeing Yung Miami running from the car in fear begging for help. She told officers the shots came from behind her from a vehicle with its lights off, and a bullet struck the spare tire of her ride. She was reportedly leaving the studio when it happened.

Yung Miami revealed she’s pregnant with her second child in June, but it’s unclear how far along she is. What’s interesting — just a week ago Kodak Black dissed her in a freestyle from jail and made a detestable comment about her pregnancy.

Check the videos out below which show Yung Miami speaking to the police about the drive by shooting.

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