Migos & Travis Scott Link Up On New Song, No Cap

Migos & Travis Scott - No Cap

Migos & Travis Scott - No Cap

Migos & Travis Scott No Cap track has been unloaded to the web again. A snippet of a Migos and Travis Scott collaboration called ‘No Cap’ hit the internet last month and now the full version of ‘No Cap’ has surfaced online and it’s certainly album material. No word on whether this is off an upcoming project but we won’t be surprised if it is.

It is also not clear when exactly this was recorded. Back in March, Offset conveyed that Migos will not be releasing their upcoming album CULTURE III this year.

Straight out the mud (Hey), I got the skeletal flood (Ice, flood)
Send me the bags to bust, I’m drinkin’ clean suds (Clean, clean)
I’m gonna sell it whole, I’m not gonna stand you up (Woo, woo)
Get your grams up (Grams), I got my bands up (Bands)
Put her on a roll (Put her on a roll), I told her, “Drive” (Skrrt, skrrt)
I’ma go passenger (Go), I know how to handle her (Yuh)
The game of guys (Woo, game), shippin’ out pies (Ship, ship)
We know to handle ’em (We know), we know how wrap ’em up
Flyin’ from coast to coast (Fly), these niggas be doin’ the most (Why?)
Walk in the game like a player (Woo), walk out the game like the coach (Game)
I bought the bitch the bag (Woah), I told her, “Don’t even speak” (No)

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